Orange Glo® is a high quality wood conditioner, cleaner and polish made from the natural oils found in the peels of oranges. It leaves no oily or waxy residue on surfaces after use. It contains no alcohol, wax or water. Orange Glo® removes grease, wax and accumulated dirt and revitalizes wood as well as covers minor scratches. Best of all it gives wood a brilliant luster that fills the air with the scent of fresh oranges. Easy to use plastic spray bottle - requires no aerosol propellants.

For use on all hard finished wood surfaces... fine furniture, antiques, railings and banisters, kitchen cabinets, Stainless Steel, etc. Using a soft cloth simply apply Orange Glo® evenly to a clean dry surface. Wait 10 seconds, then wipe off excess to create a bright clean lustre. For heavy wax buildup allow to stand up to 10 minuites before wiping. Removes soap film from fiberglass showers and tubs. Follow directions on bottle.









This product only ships to Canada, for International orders please see: GOLDEN OIL

710 ml / 24 oz. Spray Bottles (Pack of 2)


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