ORANGE GLO® Micro Fiber Mop is amazing, it will clean and glide through all your floor surfaces while millions of little micro fibers do all the cleaning. If you compare it to other similar devices, the first thing you will notice is the difference in size. ORANGE GLO® Micro Fiber Mop covers much more area and works twice as fast and best of all does not require expensive throw away refills. ORANGE GLO® Micro Fiber Mop comes with an impressive 60" reach and the most durable extendable handle of any mop on the market. It will allow you to adjust the mop to your height and will let you clean those hard to reach areas. It is equipped with a 360˚ degrees swivel so that you can turn the mop on a dime. ORANGE GLO® Micro Fiber Mop can be used wet or dry. Dry to remove all the dust, picks up dog and cat hairs like a magnet from your floors. Wet for all the difficult cleaning jobs, wring it under the tap and use it damp you will remove scuff marks, crayons, dirt and grime from your floors. Cleans any surface quicker and better with less effort. ORANGE GLO® Micro Fiber Mop is excellent on Ceramic, Marble or Granite Floors, Wood floors, Laminate floors, Linoleum and Vinyl floors. Best of all your Micro Fiber Refill Pads are not expensive to replace and are washable and re-usable well over 100 times. Save your money and the environment, use our ORANGE GLO® Micro Fiber Mop and Pads.


Mop, Floor Pad and Extension Pole


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